Easter Ham's! Bone-in $3.79; Boneless $4.29

Tizer Meats Wild-game Price Processing Fees

Impact to quality and quantity

Question to Ask Yourself


How Fat Was Deer? – Fatter deer yield heavier carcasses but most of fat is trimmed off during processing

How Many Times Was It Shot? – More holes, more damage, more loss of meat due to trimming.

Where Was Deer Shot? – Rump or loin shot destroys lots of edible meat, and ruins entire muscles

Where is Bullet Exit Hole? – Where the bullet exits deer always destroys muscle tissue.

Broken And Shattered Bones? – You lose large amounts of meat due to bone splinters in hind leg and shoulders.

Was Carcass Hot or cold? – As deer chill, they lose moisture & their weight decreases.

How Far is Neck Skinned Down On Cape Mount? – Large bucks have large amounts of lean meat in neck, you must cape down to top of head to obtain most meat possible.

How Long Did You Leave It Hang Before Delivering It To You Processor? – Dried flesh on the outside of the carcass must be trimmed off.


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